I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Matthas a new furever home.
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Matt is 8-month-old, 41 lbs. (soon to be 50+ lbs.), puppy that just wants to be loved.    He loves to chase toys in the yard and brings them back... sometimes.  He will also entertain himself with a chew toy of some kind.  He knows his basic commands, sit, down, come... sometimes, but could use more training with basic manners like jumping up and leash training.   He walks well on a leash, he doesn't pull much, but he tends to slowly wander from side to side, front to back and is very good at tying knots.  Matt is housebroken, but with all new dogs should be introduced to your home slowly and shown where he is supposed to go potty.  He is shy when first introduced, may "fear pee" within the first hour or so if quickly approached, but will be your best friend in 10 minutes with a few head scratches.  Taking the time to socialize him would be beneficial.    He has been around small children, but he is big and tends to jump so older children would be best.  Matt has played well with our two standard poodles.  He runs like a crazy dog and plays tug with our 1-year-old male.  Matt and our 3-year-old female kind of ignore each other.  Keep tasty tidbits off counters as he is the perfect height for counter surfing.  He is eating 1 cup of dry food twice a day and will love any treat you may have handy.  His first visit to the groomer went extremely well.  Groomer said he was surprisingly quiet and wasn't a problem at all.  Matt, in his previous home, slept with their 3-year-old daughter.  At this foster home he has slept in the confines of a hex pen, and he hasn't tried to jump up or escape.  A crate may be difficult to get him into without a bit of training.  All in all, Matt is a great dog for being only 8 months old.  He just wants someone to scratch him under the chin and stare into his big eyes.  He's going to be an exceptional pet.